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Door-to-Door International Delivery
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Send & Receive Packages to US and Canada
> All services are provided by FEDEX & UPS
> Pay less for Top Services
>The package is picked up from any address
> Delivery to any Address
> Online tracking number
> Door - to - Door
> No maximum and minimum weight
> Pick up any working days
> Deliver in 3 - 8 days

Step 1
Fill in the inventory of the packageCompletarea documentului atasat aici
Masurarea si cantarirea pachetului

Pas 2
Trimiterea documentului completat catre sau pe Whatsapp +40751913325
shipping packages AND DOCUMENTS in US
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We Keep The Family Together
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Now is easy: Keep Your Family Together Sending Gifts and Memories or Receiving Goods from The Family!
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Step 1:
Step 2:
> All services are pr
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Form for Send & Receive Packages & Documents
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STEP 1: Fill in the Form below
STEP 2: You will receive the Shipping documents (AWB+Customs Declarations)
STEP 3: A FEDEX/UPS courier come to pick up the package